Do you know your Self-Love Language?

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I'm sure you have heard of the 5 Love languages: Touch, Actions, Affirming Words, Gifts and Quality Time. But do you know which one or 2 is your Love Language? 

Before being able to give out love we should know how to love ourselves. 

“The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others.” - Sonya Friedman

So, how does Self Love translate into these 5 categories? 

  1. An affirmation can look like using words to build yourself up, constantly positively self-talk and pretty much being your own biggest fan and supporter! 

  2. Service could mean giving yourself what you need when you need it. Do you want to just relax and do nothing? Go Ahead, take your time and relax! But it could also look like practising spiritual acts like Prayer to focus on yourself and your connection with your Creator. Even taking care of your basic needs can be an act of Service to Self-Love. 
  3. Gifts could mean that you invest in yourself! By buying yourself little gifts instead of waiting for someone to buy them for you. Even Spending money on your hobbies or interests can be a great activity to love yourself. 
  4. Take your Time with yourself. This can look like spending time on the things you love, Having solitude or even taking yourself out to a nice coffee. 

  5. Loving yourself by Touch might be spending time doing Yoga or other Exercises. Massage yourself or put on a facemask and get some pampering. Learn to love and accept your body. 

Share with me if this was helpful and how your Self-Love looks like. And do you agree that: to give out and receive Love we need to first love ourselves? It can take a while to learn what your own Love Language is, learning who you are takes time and a deep connection with yourself. All we know it is a Journey to Self Love and Self Healing. Please join me in this journey and share your part. 

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