About Us


Here you can buy Lingerie online without going to the store where you don’t feel comfortable or feel socially pressured.
You won’t be posted with inappropriate pictures.
On the contrary, here, you can feel comfortable and welcomed to purchase anything that you like without feeling shy and can now leave low niveau shops.
Here you can try something daring and see if you can flatter your femininity more. Feel honoured as a woman, no matter what figure you have. Become one with yourself and stay feminine. 

Side Note: This is a piece of advice to all moms out there and to all women, old and young to give your femininity more space to develop on various levels and stop punishing your body like a judge, because it does more for you than you are aware of. 


Who doesn’t know the feeling? You are looking for beautiful underwear but you just won’t find the right one or you are too shy to look for dessous. Especially as a Muslim woman with hijab you seem to be very noticeable and unfortunately can’t shop uninhibited.


This is about more than one piece of clothing; It’s about you identifying and enjoying your femininity as a woman. It’s about making yourself feel good in your body and doing something good for yourself.
For example, wearing beautiful underwear and feeling beautiful in it. Because underwear is something intimate that benefits yourself first. Let yourself be surprised and feel comfortable and uninhibited here. 


I am a Mom and wife to a small family and live in Canada. I was born and raised in Germany and I have polish/turkish roots. Having to deal with my first child away from my family and being stuck in a Pandemic made me want to do something for myself. I got my self comfortable Bras and Lingerie and this is when I wanted to share this amazing feeling with everyone and started ANISSA. I am eager to grow and learn as I go and provide affordable, high quality items to my girls! Very Excited what the future will hold.